Friday, March 25, 2011


dusting the top with icing sugar

square cut siap-siap, bubuh dalam bekas and bawak

Konpiuss konpiuss....Sebenarnya cerita di sebalik 'bikinan' brownies ni, tengok gambaq kek lain, p salin resepi brownies ni, baru tersadaq. Tengok gambaq chocolate coffee cake tapi salin resepi penny lane's brownies!

Anyhow I baked the brownies the same day I baked Dorset Apple Cake. Thought baked something extra, for si abang (my son study in Penang) and 1 or 2 friends there. Normally I bought Akok for them cos that was what they always favour...unfortunately I was so lazy to go out, to drive and get the stuff...kesian depa. Can't help it when you stuck with that lazy disease. After all the travel plan was impromptu.

Source of the recipe: For The Love of Baking. My tq.

4 eggs
400 g castor sugar
1 tsp Vanilla e
60 g cocoa pdr
210 plain flour
225 g vege oil ( alot lol !..I double checked what I wrote, mana la tau kot silap catat), my opinion, got to less, kidding.
85 g chocolate chips
120 g any roasted nuts (to ur liking)

Prepare 2 brownies tin 10 x 25 x 4 ( I prepared one only). Line with baking paper, grease with margerine.

Whisk egg and sugar (no need beating) and add the rest ingredients, combine well the batter, pour into the baking tin and bake for 35 - 40 mins/till cooked/cake tester insert comes out clean.

According to the blog writer, you may replaced choc chips with cappuccino or coffee flavored choc chips. And as she mentioned she used Elmer cappuccino chocolate chopped into chunks.

Hope what I wrote here is right, corrects my confusions. Next, got to bake Chocolate Coffee Cake.


  1. Assalam ma'chiks...
    baru ada kelapangan terus jenguk umnah ma'chiks..waduss jelous saya tengok rajin nyer ma'chiks buat brownies... sedappp nyer...

  2. boleh kata brownies dump dump...dump je bahan2nya, jadi lah ia, saya rajin buat yg campak2 je...kalu tidak malas juga, hehe.