Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GHOPA.....or GHOPAL..not sure of the pronounciation.

Was given by our former neighbor when we visited them recently....known as GHOPA just wonder how the kuih got such name...wonder... ponder! When my children asked why the kuih is called with that quite funny name, really... I do not have the answer....

The filling was just like for karipap...and the skin alike of kuih ketayap or kuih gulung just differ that you do not colored it green.

For this Ghopa,you put in the filling, and you fold the skin to get a rectangular shape and you fried it with little oil in a pan...it's not you fried in more oil like karipap.

Mind you, the kuih was too oily for me and really not good for my high cholesterol level.

Anyway, Ghopa or ghopal whichever way you wanna say it, is just another kuih adding to the malay kuih lists...