Thursday, June 10, 2010

Roti Paun? roti paung? roti pa'ung? roti manis? bun?

if you are visiting Terengganu or specifically Kuala Terengganu you may bump into seeing this board by the roadside , 'Roti Paun Panas' or 'Roti Paung Panas'...selling this small hot buns seems to be good business for the locals. it priced for rm2/- or rm2.20 - rm2.50 the most, for a pack as in the picture or 'setepek' as the local refer to a pack. for the extra 20sen-50sen is for paung with 'cubit' of red bean paste,kaya or planta filling. for the 'paung panas' they started the business in the early noon..just as the time pisang goreng stall started their business. sometimes you can see those business side by side as one in ' jalan ke kuala Berang.'

Till today my children pronounced 'roti pa'ung' , syahdah or sabdu sound after the word pa' after they saw at one stall with that spelling.

but you can also get 'paun' or 'paung' sejuk at most of the morning foodstalls abundant by the roadside in the area of kuala Terengganu such as in Ladang,Tanjung, Bukit Besar, Batu Buruk,Chabang Tiga to name a few. even it is 'sejuk' the paung is still soft, not to worry of the texture. the bun is some sort of 'must have 'at the foodstall. you can also get the bun at the main market such as pasar payang-the kuih muih area or pasar Bukit Besar or pasar Chabang Tiga. even it is categorised in bread and bun it seem that "the paung" is considered as one of local delicacies just like nasi dagang,nasi minyak that must have in Terengganu for breakfast.

whenever we are in the town, roti pa'ung is a must buy besides kerepok lekor to be brought home. for the roti pa'ung we still prefer 'without the filling' cos it is more original and tasty.

what's the different 'paung panas' and 'paung sejuk'....?

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