Friday, January 08, 2010


it's already new year 2010, 8th of the first month since my last posting last year December of the third week, the day I started the first time ever my blog. Never ever I wanted to have my own blog but the pushing from my children were just too hard to resist...when I told them I do not have the 'tech-know-how'....ala mum we will help you, do not worry. So this is the result. As what I told them of the concept I would like to blog and they know my great passion in baking, cooking and have them recorded. But I would like to mention here, I'm still at zero knowledge of how to transfer pictures from camera to computer and all the technicalities involved...frankly I'm blurred, wooh...need to learn..need to learn..semangat,semangat jangan putus asa.

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