Tuesday, December 22, 2009

As always, I love food n I love Cooking,Baking...

...but I'm not a professional cooks neither am I had a proper training in cooking or baking. I never stepped into any culinary schools. even short courses abundantly offered here and there. what I realised was when at the age of nine years old I had started cutting recipes that appeared in the paper or magazines. I even had unused exercise book to copy write recipes. But at that tender age I never get accessed to the kitchen to cook or bake. The elders prepared all the meals, should the youngsters stayed or around in the kitchen normally be labelled as nuisances. So the normal shoo away these nuisance was, hei...keluar, keluar jangan kacau orang tua memasak...pegi main sana..so sheepishly out you go. To cut a long story short I have quite number of recipes books (in the form of exercise book that I had recipes cut and pasted from the papers and magazines )which I stil kept till today. When I started work in 1980s I bought quite a number of cookbooks, and now in the new era world of technology, I am so much obsessed with browsing all the cooking and the recipes blog, website and what not that my hand could touch on..

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